Life Coach Counselling

By | February 11, 2018

Life Coach Counselling

Vital Village Metaphysical Shoppe

Spiritual Counselling and Metaphysical Tools 960 St. Mary’s Road, Wpg MB Phone 204-229-7296 Let’s face it…sometimes our life needs help! We might need one area of our life straightened out, or after a crisis a whole bunch of areas straightened around. This is not something to be embarrassed of; it is a time of opportunity and to invite wonderful new changes. Fear not and let the love start to flow in! Life is intended to be challenging and rocky as well as invigorating and fun. You don’t have to know how to do everything, but with a little assistance you can manage many things successfully. Everyone has a unique life and needs.

Services: Healing • Reiki Treatment, Healing Circles and Classes • Angel Healings • Akashic Records Readings • Soul Realignment to your purpose and mission on earth • Align and Heal Body, Mind and Spirit • Living with Intention and Integrity • Giving yourself permission to be Free • Clearing Karma • Oracle Card and Rune Readings • Working with the Elements: Crystals, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal Energies • Chakra Reading and Healing • Getting Grounded and Staying that way Food • Nutrition Counselling including Positive Self Esteem and Learning Acceptance • Metabolism, Hormones and Weight Loss • Mystery Solving and Eating for Change • Supplementation • Using and adding in Healing Herbs • Adding in Super Foods • Cooking, Blending, Shaking • Pantry review • Body Cleanse, Detoxification • Using Food as Medicine, strategies to get off medications (permanently) • Eating and Emotion clearing • Adjusting to life’s changes Stress, Hormones, Health

Relationship to Self, Others • Discover and practice personal Boundaries • Healing Wounds in Children • Self Esteem for Children • Getting to Peace, how to manage during turmoil and crisis- Stress and Crisis Management • Unwind and destress after Crisis and Stress • Self-Care Management, Care for the Caregiver • Planning Alternative Tomorrows’ with Hope (PATH) • Dealing with imbalances of power (Communication skills, eliminate fear, establish priorities and boundaries) • Mediation and Mystery Solving Home • Create a Sanctuary • Relationships regarding the home and other Mystery Solving • Be a better Neighbour • Reading and Removing the Negative • Clearing Clutter • Redecorating • Improved energy at home, Clearing, Cleaning, Protection and Blessing • Aromatherapy

Finances • Budgeting, Income Stability • Resumes, Cover Letters, Options • Debt -Refinancing, Structuring, Repaying • Where’s all the money going and other mystery solving • Establishing priorities and goals • Money Management • Goal and Dream Planning (Planning Alternative Tomorrows’ with Hope) • Getting to the Future and Life you want to Love

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